'Reeduino' up to 12 channel reeds emulation encoder

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'Reeduino' up to 12 channel reeds emulation encoder

Post by Phil_G » 21 Apr 2018, 17:32

Updated 18/04/2018, added an addendum for the 2018 pro-mini-strong PCB:

Reeduino Facilities summary:
Up to 12 channel emulation with 'used' and 'unused' toggles configured in the 'activetoggles' array.
Optional full single-channel escapement emulation via a button, compound and sequential
Variable servo transit speed to match period servos such as the Bonner Duramite
Resolution is 1uS and is super smooth, even when the servo transit speed is set very slow.
Servo reversing by switching on with the required toggle thrown. Saved to flash.
Trims on every channel, by simultaneous use of elevator trim and the required channel. Saved to flash.
Trim-pips with longer neutral-pip
Elevator trim lock to make trimming channels other than elevator much easier
Optional alternative 'Tiny-6 style' trim button for Rudder/Elevator/Throttle sets with no trim toggle
V-tail mixer enabled by grounding D7 either with a Spektrum bind plug or via a switch
Adjustable Travel Volume (ATV) on every channel, range 20% to 112.5% travel. Default is 100%.
10 minute inactivity timer, sounds if no keys are thrown for 10 minutes. Any key resets the timer.
Range-check sweep mode, whereby the transmitter can be left whilst you walk away with the model
Master flash reset, reverts all reversing, ATV and trim settings back to neutral.
One character Morse identifiers are used to indicate the mode:
D for reset to Defaults, R for Reversed, A for set ATV, V for ATV end, S for Scan, K for OK
Futaba AETR or JR/Spektrum TAER channel order
If the set is held in 'reset' for 10 seconds then a full ID is sounded.
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