40-year-old 'Kinda homebrew' 6802 Development System still works!

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40-year-old 'Kinda homebrew' 6802 Development System still works!

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This was what would now be called a 'repurposing project' but at the time was a cheap way for me & pal Steve to make a couple of Motorola M6802 development systems using the processor board from a faulty printer. The monitor was hand-coded in 6800 machine code, and blown into a 2716 eprom. The keyboard is a simple 4x4 matrix and the display uses a 2716 and a surplus calculator display - a convoluted way to 'make' a couple of TIL311's Image

The display is very sensitive to viewing angle as each digit has a magnifying bubble, but everything still works perfectly. Functionally and software-wise its identical to the new board I described last week - except I cheated and used a pair of TIL311's which are superb, cant help but wonder why on earth TI stopped making them? Image
I've a couple of these old boards spare, and I'm tempted to make a SWTPC 6800 clone from one, I have all the bits and a copy of SWTBUG...


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