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Li'l T

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Well as there is no Single Channel flat field or e-soarers forum I thought I would post this here! (UPDATE- Suddenly there is now a flat field and e-soarers forum and I have been moved there! :D )

As some time ago our club lost its nice big fields my Li'l T had languished in my model storage area (garage roof) until Lockdown happened. My club has a modest field though not big enough for hi-start or winches although very good for e-soarers.
A quick dust off showed that the Li'l T had suffered only small amounts of hangar rash so a plan was hatched to convert said model into an e-soarer.
The big bits box was thoroughly rummaged through and the following components located;

E-Max 2805 motor
Graupner 6 x 3 folding prop with yoke and spinner
30 Amp speed controller
2 cell 1300 LiPo battery.

The above set up yields a mighty 80 Watts with a freshly charged pack. I have used this set up several times before converting old Speed 400 models with success.

One evenings fiddling with a guess at the down-thrust required along with about 2 degrees right thrust for the new motor mount and the job was done.
The maiden today went brilliantly, CG , incidence and rudder throw were left as original. Reasonable climb performance, perfect for with single channel with decent rudder response both in the glide and under power. Just need to find the programming card for the speed controller so I can set the prop brake.
Just wished I had done this years ago as I really like my Li'l T or rather my Li'l Te ! :D
Lil Te 2.jpg
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Re: Li'l T

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Phil_G wrote: 16 May 2020, 19:47 Lovely Gordon, I remember the original thread on rcg :D
Good idea about a flat-field soaring section. I've always fancied a small motor-glider but never got around to it, like you dont :D Tell you what, Nicks Zeitgeist would make a brilliant esoarer. Theres a thought!
The Terry King 'Imp '(oz3847) is one I have looked at for a long while with regards to a lightweight e-soarer on the button.
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Re: Li'l T

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The Zeitgeist works really well as an e-soarer - as I laser cut them in depron it's easy to make then in different sizes

I have 2ft versions with the fuz out of 2 (or 3?) mm or depron and wings out of 2 or 3 mm depron - single surface usually and most covered with doculam to stiffer them up - well under 250gm

I have 5ft versions again out of 3 or 6 mm depron - both with small outrunners in the nose - and a fake nose for when I fly on the slope.

and a balsa version - 44 yrs old and still flying - well before the C word

Always prefer slope soaring where possible - not great in SE5 though...

Radio is Taranis with it also set up for compound escapement

I've found the Zeitgeist on sc is very forgiving in dampening zooms / dives - but better than my 2 x W Of Oz (both with a lifting tail)

(BTW also have a x9lite which now doesn't turn on beyond making a pop sound when turning on...- any ideas? nothing online - batteries checked!) - has worked really well and suddenly went strange - at least a month after any updates and has worked well
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