DIY actuator RCM&E GG-Pelle

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Re: DIY actuator RCM&E GG-Pelle

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Hi Wayne,

Sorry for the slow reply, I'm just getting back to normal after my recent trip to the retro meet at Pontefract.

Have you a standard Arduino, like an Uno or Nano? I'd first get the USBASP working with that (just upload something like "Blink"), then move on to the ATtiny85 once you're happy the USBASP works. There are lots of support pages for the USBASP, the first I found after a quick Google was (assuming you use Windows 10): ... ac?lang=en

Let us know how that works?
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Re: DIY actuator RCM&E GG-Pelle

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Thanks for the help. I finally got the USBASP programmer configured correctly and working. I wanted to wait to respond until I was able to replicate the successful programming over multiple board types. It's been quite a learning experience for this old man...
Thanks again,
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