My DIY RCM&E GG actuator project

RCM&E Quickie-Ghost Project
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My DIY RCM&E GG actuator project

Post by Tobe »

Show your DIY actuator project here

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Re: My DIY RCM&E GG actuator project

Post by Shaun »

The actuator is detailed in the latest Dec/Jan RCM&E.
Tobe has sent over a limited quantity of kits to me for the 3D printed parts, motor, spring, dowels etc. but no electronics.

If anybody wants one, message me. They are £25.00 plus postage to cover Tobe's costs.


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Re: My DIY RCM&E GG actuator project

Post by tedbmoss »

I will start my actuator project here.
Thank you Tobe and all the other guys that are involved in retro R/C.
I used a Mighty Midget motor (which I still have) to fly a Little Esquire (I still have it also) over 50 years ago.
Having the more reliable components makes it even more fun.
I have a way to go to get it working as I like.
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