Mattel Tx conversion

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Mattel Tx conversion

Post by Wayne_H » 25 Feb 2020, 09:31

I have just acquired a 1971 Mattel GG tx, via 'the bay' - postage was significantly more than the purchase price :shock: .
one obvious crack, otherwise fine
Since I don't have any matching Mattel rxs or actuators, the tx will be gigified & used with either Phil's or Martin's recoder and an Ace magnetic actuator or a homemade actuator.

First impressions of the tx:
  • it is much larger than I expected
  • quality inside & out is excellent - makes me reluctant to remove the original pcb :cry:
  • there is plenty of room for any modifications or a large battery
manufacturing detail.jpg
inside detail.jpg
just a little battery contact corrosion
I do have a question for anyone familiar with the Mattel tx. Being rudder only, I expected the stick to only function in the horizontal (i.e.X) axis. However, on my tx, the stick moves freely in both the X & Y axes, even though there is only a pot on the X axis. There are no stops or cage on the stick bale to restrict movement to the X axis only. Is this normal for this tx? There are a few small cracks in the case, but no obvious evidence of anything having been broken off the stick assembly.
stick detail.jpg
Did they ever make a rudder+elevator version?

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Re: Mattel Tx conversion

Post by Stewart » 25 Feb 2020, 11:27

Wayne, mines the same on the stick, I had a quick look at the cct and it wouldn't be difficult to add elevator, just need someone to 3D print the needed stick parts. I think the 50k pot marked PS is the rate adjust pot

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Re: Mattel Tx conversion

Post by ozrs » 25 Feb 2020, 15:28

Hi Wayne

The stick on mine moves in both axis also. RE quality - I heard they were made for Mattel by Futaba.

I won mine on the bay for 1 cent - postage to Aus was significantly more :mrgreen:

It came with a RX but no actuator, However a ace actuator works fine.

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