Been sloping...

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Been sloping...

Post by Phil_G » 23 Jan 2019, 21:43

Lets have a variation of the "Been Flying" thread... for slopers!

I tried both local B&Q stores looking for a couple of the 'Christmas Tree Box' RUB's as
posted recently by Paul J... but the only available stock was in Bradford.

Bradford is next to Baildon Moor, and XCWeather said 10-12mph westerlies for today...
Shaun was up for braving the sub-zeroes too, so a plan pretty much hatched itself.
Load up, call at B&Q, find some boxes, go sloping Image

Shaun took his Impala and Mpx Blizzard powered glider, I took the S/C Soarcerer-nano with the
Micron Elf rudder-only propo conversion, and the Little-V on the Horizon HS2E (both models
snapped up in Rons recent clear-out!).

It turned out that XCWeather was a bit optimistic - more like 5mph with occasional flurries of 10mph,
so it was a bit of a struggle but its so rewarding flying in 'only-just' conditions, the little S/C Soarcerer
flew brilliantly, and I only hit the overhead electricity cables four times Image


In the icy conditions a couple of hours was plenty and the plan included Fish & Chips at Websters
which was scrummy... a really good day!


PS I got two Christmas Tree boxes - one for transporting models safely in the van, and one for storage.
They really are just the job!

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Re: Been sloping...

Post by Shaun » 23 Jan 2019, 23:21

It was cold ... frost started forming on the Impala wing and the moor frozen as hard as reinforced concrete. Still a great incentive not to crash and to land well. As Phil mentioned my MPX Blizzard with a stupid power system laughed at the 5mph draft. Vertical climb to almost out of sight in a few seconds than glide away.

It transpired that the servo arm on one of the 30 year old MacGregor servos in my Impala had cracked ,causing Phil and I some bemusement as the rudder was at 30 degrees. That was until I removed the wing and all was revealed.


Fish and chips were excellent
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Re: Been sloping...

Post by RalphJ » 24 Jan 2019, 16:39

Makes me feel cold just thinking about it! XC has been overstating the wind strength for a while now I've found.

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Re: Been sloping...

Post by RON » 24 Jan 2019, 18:27

That’s a nice looking glider there Phil with the V tail :D

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Re: Been sloping...

Post by Shaun » 24 Jan 2019, 18:40

The single channel mini sorcerer had a problem though ; It kept hitting power lines but what a tough model.
You would think it was made from plywood...😁


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Re: Been sloping...

Post by PaulJ » 24 Jan 2019, 19:54

Shaun wrote:
24 Jan 2019, 18:40

You would think it was made from plywood...😁
Mine WERE made of plywood!

Back in the day I was heavily into slope pylon racing and quickly sussed that there were lots of "midairs" so my racers had a glassfibre fuz, spruce spars and L.E. and 1/32 ply L.E. sheeting and of course were nylon covered..... I usually came off best!
Lapwing S 002 (800x568).jpg
I still have the mould for that fuz but unfortunately no proper hills around here.... :cry: These models were heavy and needed a good slope and a good blow but in the right conditions they really did go!


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Re: Been sloping...

Post by _AL_ » 24 Jan 2019, 22:48

Summer here but I'll try not to rub it in too much :D
I haven't had much flying time lately but when I've had time it's all bee slope. A pic of my mates Ninja maiden attached from 2 weeks ago.

With a little luck I'll get out again tomorrow. I must remember to charge up the Impala & the Frog Sailplane today.


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Re: Been sloping...

Post by Shaun » 24 Jan 2019, 23:06

Regretting giving away my Kwiksilver now last year but just bought a nice Phase 6 from a mate.
Just remembered I have an unbuilt Sitar Special.. That was some model back in the day.


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Re: Been sloping...

Post by GarydNB » 25 Jan 2019, 08:39

Mmmmmmm....sitar speciallll...

Colonel Blink
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Re: Been sloping...

Post by Colonel Blink » 25 Jan 2019, 09:33

Bet it was a weekday, you workshy old buggers!!!

If you decide to do it again on a weekend (or perhaps a summery evening), drop us a quick text. I only live a couple of miles away from Baildon Moor and I could have dug out the Miggle Phase and bunged a 2.4GHz Rx in it by the time you were this side of Leeds (I've not flown it in at least 10 years and it will still have 35MHz on board)............

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